Since its foundation, the National Institute of Hygiene has been a research center of great importance for preventive medicine. Studies on the following illustrate this:

Also at the Institute so-called applied studies were carried out to a large extent. Here we can mention:


In 1975 the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare designated the National Institute of Hygiene to coordinate studies on The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Human Life and Health which were carried out in Poland in the period 1976-1985.

The objective of this survey was to study the effect of environmental factors on human health and the population of the country, and to draw up recommendations for the optimization of environmental conditions of human life. Partial cognitive and utilitary aims were formulated in three groups:

These studies were conducted in cooperation with many scientific institutes, both home and abroad.

The scientific results obtained in the period 1976-1985 were reported in 1445 publications: 277 appeared in various scientific journals abroad and 1168 in Poland.

The report of the survey among others contributed to 20 habilitation and 43 doctoral theses submitted until 1985, a number of expertises, papers presented at congresses and many lectures.

In the years 1986-1990 studies of the program were continued within the framework of the Central Program for Research and Development under the name Prevention of Undesirable Effects on Health of the Polluted Human Environment. The principal aim of the program was to improve health and sanitary conditions of the country by:

In the years 1991-1992 the Institute continued studies on the relationship between human health and the environment. Instead of coordinating research on the national level, cooperation was established only with those scientific institutions interested in the same specific problems. This kind of research project was approved by the State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN).

In 1992 new studies were initiated under the sponsorship of the State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN). Legislative work was done for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and also a number of expertises in areas specific to the activities of the Institute. At the same time long-term studies started in previous years were continued.

From this short period of research we have 176 papers published in 1991 and 208 in 1992.